Are you looking for an inspiring, energetic and passionate speaker? Look no further Regina Robinson is an Award Winning Global Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Inner Confidence Strategist who is widely known for engaging, motivating, and equipping women with the tools to unlock their inner confidence and become unstoppable women. She is widely known for engaging, motivating, an inspiring her audiences as she combines genuine inspiration, laughter, and practical principles to empower women to take immediate action in their lives, businesses, and careers.

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  • Regina Robinson = radiant + relevant + real. I had the pleasure honor of having Regina as a guest on my podcast, Own the Microphone, and not only did she motivate listeners but she also gave them tangible takeaways for living and performing with power, passion, and purpose. Without question, Regina is the real deal! Bridgett McGowen Professional Speaker.Author.Publisher
    Bridgett McGowen
  • Regina Robinson is known to captivate her audience and inspire them to soar. Her confidence resonates through her words and motivates you to implement changes in your life that will allow you to realize your dreams. Regina is fresh fire! Regina was a recent guest on my podcast Successful But Single - Doing Our Thang Without A R💍ng!  Her message had energy, relevance and challenged the listeners to strive for nothing less than their very best as they navigated the uncertain waters of their single season. Regina Robinson infuses her life experiences into her speaking which allows her to be real and relatable. In short, Regina Robinson is amazing! She will definitely inspire your audience with the tools they need for life change and to live on purpose.
    Natalie Freeman
  • Thanks so much, Regina, for this opportunity to share, grow and learn from you and the ladies within our group. Over the years, you've always encouraged me to step up my game. You couldn't have given up on me, but you didn't. These 6 weeks were trying, but very rewarding. The little things always count. Having you there to support me through my own process of push through the fear, made it even better!!!! You have a gift to motivate, lead by example and empathize and I was quite fortunate to share this journey. Your individual attention to us all was an added bonus!
    Shuyinthia Farley-Hembry
  • Regina Robinson thank you so much! I have grown so much and have so much more confidence as a result of your six-week virtual program! I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to grow with and spend personal time and moments with such beautiful women as a result of your vision. This experience will have a positive impact on my life and is the catalyst for moving me closer to my passion and purpose. I'm a better person, stronger, and more confident because of this program. I couldn't think of a better time to have gone through the program as I embark upon my first training session as a part of a conference. Thanks Regina!
    Deadra Welcome
  • Before coaching with Regina, my goals were just thoughts in my head. After meeting with her the first time, she helped me go from a thought to a finished product. With her amazing coaching style she helped me create a strategic plan with actionable steps that I could implement with confidence.
    Belinda "B Fit" Johnson
  • I've attended a few events where Regina was one of the speakers. I'm not easily moved, but Regina is one of those speakers who "captures" an audience. If I had to use three words to describe her, those words would be: Powerful, Dynamic, and Life-Changing
    Nicole L. Turner
  • In the speaking industry there are speakers and then there are inspiring speakers. If you have not had the privilege of being in the audience when Regina Robinson is speaking, you are missing out. Inspiring, educational, humorous, concise and informative are just a few words to describe her. It truly was an honor to not only receive from her presentation but to meet her.
    Martin Secca
  • Working with Regina has been a delight.  Seeing her tenacity to pursue her dreams and goals is inspiring. After seeing her speak and hearing the passion in her voice; that alone will motivate you to work and push towards success. She is truly authentic in her approach and definitely a name to remember.
    Gerard PK Kersey Jr., Founder
    That Suits You
  • The Six Week Unlock Your Inner Confidence Program has been truly amazing!! It has prompted me to take ownership of my inner confidence and changed the trajectory of my thinking. It’s just what I needed to move forward. I’ve also gained relationships with other amazing and power women. If you’re ready to go to the next level, and embrace your greatness, this is the program for YOU!!
    Jacqueline D. Turnbo
  • Regina Robinson is like a quiet storm. You see her as humble and quiet…and she is, but when she speaks…pearls of wisdom flow like a river. I’ve picked up priceless gems every time I’ve heard her speak and I’m sure you will too!
  • Regina Robinson is a powerful speaker who certainly knows how to ignite audiences and propel them into greatness. I am thankful that she was a speaker at our iEmancipateME Conference Business and Higher Ed panels. Even though panelists did not have prior knowledge of the questions and time was short, Regina answered succinctly and helped further the mission of the conference. I am truly looking forward to future collaborations.
  • Regina has a powerful message and a delivery that is sure to move any audience. In addition to being a powerhouse speaker, Regina is also a joy and a pleasure to work with. She delivers a rousing message that causes attendees to sit up and take notice about how they are showing up in their own lives. Her commitment to helping others know and understand the value that they bring is admirable. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with Regina.
    Dr. Nadia Brown
    Power Profits Academy; “Womanpreneur15”
  • Wise, bold, impactful, and passionate are just a few words to describe Regina Robinson.  A much sought after guest for my international talk show, Regina did not disappoint. Regina is a powerful speaker who will definitely breathe life into an audience and stir them to take action in their lives.  I highly recommend Regina as a speaker!